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    Lesser minerals and vitamins in crops today than years ago

    Take a vacation!

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    Article posted on Facebook

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    Easter show intro

    Reviewed Case study on 2007  metastatic breast cancer pt.

    Article in DDN B7 about 72 yr old lady stopping a burglar when she shot at him with a handgun.

    Point: plan ahead, be prepared, take responsibility for your own health.

    Cudos to Dayton Women’s BB going 27 -3- lost just 3 games all year

    Go Ohio State tonight

    Caller:  granddaughter with ADD 10 yr/old  after 3 months of meds took her off.

    Vit D, blood test, hair test

    Caller: yeast infection medication.

    Yeast infection in stomach area due to sweating, started when got on insulin 2 years ago.  Topical meds not working.

    Vit D might help, reducing need for insulin likely to help the mostl

    Caller: Kathy with call on cancer. 2 first cousins with multiple myeloma both and chemo and radiation.

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    Quote from Sen. Tom Harkin re: prevention and wellness in our medical model

    Case Reviews #1: Automobile painter from Fairborn, 26 yom, had elevated liver enzymes on 1-26-13 LDH-444, SGOT-110, SGPT-121 then retested on 2-27-13 LDH- 153, SGOT 24, SGPT 25.

    Case Review #2: Colon Cancer (Stage 3/Stage 4 mentioned but not officially confirmed as of testing dates)

    1.5 months on chemo, radiation and vitamin protocol.  28 test values improved including CRP, SGOT, FERRITIN, ESR and CEA and CA 125.

    Article from Dr. David Seaman : Diet and Supplement for Athletes

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    Case study: Heavy Metal Toxicity

    Caller: Where you get heavy metals from

    Article and MD reviewed studies on Thermography

    Seasonal Depression

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    Dr. Dyer’s thoughts on an article entitled Pharma Fresh Adverse Events (posted on our facebook page)

    Caller #1 Acne in a 16 yr old boy

    Caller #2 Knee issues and foot drop as a result of disc injury

    Caller #3 formerly RSD now known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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    -Synopsis of Friday afternoons new nutrition patients (kidney transplant list 44 yom, 26 yom w headaches (8 yr history of painting cars for a living), 13 yr old girl with phobias and anxiety so bad that she hasn’t even spoken to anyone at school in 1 yr)


    1. Kidney Stones vs Kidney Infection how are the findings different
    2. Floaters in the Eyes
    3. Eye health nutrients for cataracts, etc

    Began sharing an article by Dr. Anthony Rosner about adverse effects from Pharmaceuticals: statistics and figures.

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    1-19-2013 having money makes life easier…Adam Bold

    Who we are and what we do:

    I Say having good health makes life easier and better in every way and makes the lack of money easier to deal with.

    MD’s with rose colored glasses and blinders on: everything they do is the best and they don’t want to see anything else.

    Family member who had colon removed in the last couple of months, wife is a nurse

    Friend of family neighbor has a 4 yr old with severe colon problems

    Caller: with vertigo/vomiting went MD negative;

    Caller: insomnia since 2011, went to VA, took drugs; has apnea and had surgery and cannot tolerate the Cpap; ambien gave depression.  5’1-“” 285 lbs.  stop eating after 6pm, lose weight; exercise but not in evening; see chiropractor;

    Caller: child’s health teen age daughter with severe anxiety and has stopped talking except to family and close friends.  Psychristists can’t help.   Good student, no behavior

    Caller: mother with vertigo- months of real bad dizzy spells so bad she can’t walk been to several docs, cat scans etc.

    Flu Scare: when I was a kid there were sometimes notices on the radio that a school had 15-20 kids out with the flu but it was not reported as a crises or national emergency

    False alarms about the bird flu, swine flu and nothing last year so finally there is something they can rant about and justify their existence.  Don’t go to the hospital…stay home, eat chicken soup, takes some vitmains, it will take a few days but

    Zinc, vit C, Echinacea, oregano oil, monolaurin, vit D

    My mom 81y/r on no drugs and doesn’t see MD- diet and how she feels.

    Knee replacement last year.

    DDN 1-19-2013 article- Millions at stake in Medicaid expansion- won’t be able to do extensive, extravagant expansions??

    Medicaid payments reduced by 75%;

    Monster to feed so that you people who do go to the hospital will get more tests, procedures, scans, xrays, therapy and drugs than ever before to make up the difference and feed the beast.